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The charging mount is the base and pole of the charging stand removed and can be placed anywhere with the Pem Cap/Camera mount.

please note:

Not all CHS can use the Charging Mount function. To see if your CHS supports the Charging Mount feature, look for a round metal object under the battery cover.

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If there is a round metal part, it corresponds to the function of Charging Mount.

If you don't have a round metal one, you'll have to send the scanner back, replace it with a new battery cover, and update the firmware if you want the CHS to support Charging Mount. Information on the upgrade program can be found here .

If you do not have a round metal door in the battery door and you want to use the Charging Mount for charging purposes only, please purchase and replace the battery pack here .

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  • Charging Mount Charging Mount
  • Pem Cap/Camera mount (screwed onto the counter or mounted anywhere on a flat surface)
  • Hanger bolt screw (to be used with Pem Cap / Camera mount)
  • 2m USB charging cable

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