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¥2,600 (税込)

SocketCare Extended Warranty Plans

Extend your scanner’s standard one-year limited warranty coverage up to five years. Add additional service features to further enhance your extended warranty coverage.

Extend your warranty coverage with:

  • 3-Year extended coverage
  • 5-Year extended coverage

Receive faster service turnaround

  • SocketCare Extended Warranty receives faster service turnaround compared to standard warranty coverage

Further enhance your extended warranty by adding additional service features that best meet your scanning and business needs:

  • One-Time Accidental coverage*
  • Premium Extended coverage includes both Standard Extended Warranty and One-Time Accidental*


  • Purchase within 60 days of scanner purchase.
  • You will receive an email to complete your registration. This email must be completed and submitted in order to receive your SocketCare Extended Warranty Certificate.
  • Extended warranty is not effective until registration complete.

Click here to learn more about SocketCare coverage options and features.

Important notes
*Advanced Replacement service requires a security deposit. One-Time Accidental coverage is subject to a service fee that varies by scanner model. See SocketCare Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions for complete details regarding the plans and service options. Certain conditions apply.

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